Presentation Ideas

Below is a list of keywords that we hope will spark ideas for new and inventive session proposals!

  1. Health technology: security/privacy/HIPAA, specialized physical spaces and support hardware, data management, mobile, patient experience, collaborative tools, digital signage, physicians support, sustainability, robots!!!
  2. Student life technology: career center, dining, housing, media centers, student success and diversity, social media, sustainability
  3. UC Path and implementing into existing business processes/systems: payroll deduction, other
  4. Instructional design and technology: learning management, media delivery and storage, course material creation and delivery, audience participation, flipped classroom, collaborative tools/social media
  5. Facilities: specialized physical spaces such as labs, smart classrooms, general classrooms, theaters, motion capture, black boxes, surgical centers, hospital rooms, sustainability
  6. Administrative support tools: construction management, facility management, billing/finance, recharge, client relationship management, help desk/work order, physical access and security, inventory/sales management, police and safety, collaborative tools/social media, remote management tools
  7. Administrative academic support tools: equipment checkout, room reservations, student information, student portal, course waitlists, student support sign up (ex. tutors), disability resource center systems, collaborative tools/social media, student success and diversity
  8. User Support: remote desktop support tools, managed computer support tools, tools for communicating, tools for scheduling, desktop image creation tools, managed computer package creation tools, etc.