IT Community Track

Breaking Barriers: How to Unite Your IT Staff & Empower the Non-Technical Community
Created in 2013, the BruinTech program has united UCLA’s decentralized IT community by fostering digital citizenship, collaboration and innovation across the campus. We’ll share how you can develop a similar program, give examples of successful events and partnerships, and share creative formats to engage your audience. Whether you want to increase cybersecurity awareness or foster IT professional development, this session will help you launch your own campus initiatives.
Monday, 09:15 AM | Stefanie Pietkiewicz | Los Angeles | Porter, Room D245

Building a Collaborative ITSM Community on a Skeptical Foundation
While implementing an ITSM framework provides immense improvements in service delivery, it also introduces stress on already overburdened staff. In this session we'll discuss how UCI is tackling the challenge of herding 300+ dubious IT professionals into the world of ITSM standards and best practices through collaboration and group involvement. We’ll reveal how we developed strategies, learned lessons, retrenched, and persevered (so far) to deliver value and a better focus on our clients’ needs.
Monday, 09:15 AM | Eric Puchalski | Irvine | College 8, Room 252

Using Scrum and Agile to Manage Large-scale, Novel Projects
Planning and executing a large-scale project can be daunting, especially when faced with many unknowns and an ever-shifting environment. The Academic Web Technologies team at UCI recently successfully piloted a campus-wide LMS in a year long project that included integration of vendor software with legacy systems, the development of novel control applications, and cross-campus communications and training. All of this was managed dynamically with Scrum and Agile principles. Let us show you how.
Monday, 09:15 AM | Kelsey Layos | Irvine | College 8, Room 242

How to Build a UC IT Community Online
The systemwide UC IT Blog (, launched in 2014, now reaches about 15% of the UC IT community. The team will describe: • The evolution of our community-building mission • Tools we use including, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and WordPress • Communications and marketing techniques for assessment and collaboration • How we attracted 700+ followers in less than 2 years • Why hiring a millennial might support the mission • How you can participate so we can be “In IT Together!”
Monday, 10:15 AM | Yvonne Tevis | UC Office of the President | Porter, Room D245

Strategic Storytelling
From blockbusters to bedtime stories, humans have been spinning tales for 20,000 years. Mastering storytelling in IT might not seem as obvious a skill as it is for entrepreneurs but it’s concept that’s applicable from management to budget review. In the era of powerpoint presentations and Twitter updates, there’s nothing more irresistible than the power of a good story. This talk breaks storytelling down into a strategic business tool with easy-to-apply concepts.
Monday, 10:15 AM | Jessica Hilt | San Diego | Porter, Room D241

Maintain, Modernize or Migrate? An Iterative Model for Migrating Legacy Systems
Legacy systems are all around us. Any software system that is tied to it's environment will experience a degree of entropy (even when maintenance efforts are constant). In order to maintain a flow of value to end users, software engineers must know when it is time to maintain, modernize or migrate. When it is time to migrate, how is this topic approached? What is recommended?
Monday, 11:15 AM | Noah Spahn | Santa Barbara | Porter, Room D241

Slack(ing off) @ Work
Slack(ing off) @ work: Scripps IT has been using Slack for internal communication for over a year now. It replaced Google chat, email, text messaging, file sharing, and hunting through myriad emails to find something someone once sent you that one time. Take a tour and learn about Slack and its different implementations. If you’ve been hesitant to use Slack, come and learn what you’re missing and how to use it. If you’re a Slack pro, come see how other people are using it. Sign in to UCCSC Slack at:
Monday, 11:15 AM | Robyn Chadwick | San Diego | Porter, Room D245

The IT Architecture Group and You!
The IT Architecture Group (ITAG) is systemwide team of campus architects charged with establishing an architecture discipline across UC. We’re building a systemwide architecture based on interoperability, cross-campus collaboration and Shared Services. Come interact with ITAG members, bring your questions about architecture, learn about assets you can leverage immediately and explore opportunities to work together.
Monday, 03:00 PM | Gabriel Gonzalez | Berkeley | Porter, Room D246

“We’re Moving Your Cheese!”: Communicating IT Change
Communications can make or break your IT project. When UC Irvine undertook a potentially contentious pilot of a new campus-wide LMS, our comprehensive communication strategy led to solid participation and eventual adoption of the system. We’ll share our processes, framework, templates, and strategies for successfully navigating IT change communication.
Monday, 03:00 PM | Briandy Walden | Irvine | College 8, Room 250

A little empathy goes a long way: How user research can drive change to application development
User experience research and design has gained momentum in marketing driven web initiatives but has made slower impact in the application development world. Often times in higher education, well-intentioned business and technology stakeholders regularly speak on behalf of the audiences they serve, rather than allowing their audiences to speak and advocate for themselves. User research is not superfluous to the development process but imperative if you want better results and better data.
Monday, 04:00 PM | Candace Jones | UC Office of the President | College 8, Room 242

Running a Digital Accessibility Awareness Campaign: Lessons Learned
UCSF has created a Digital Accessibility Awareness Campaign to educate the campus on the importance of this issue. Anyone who edits a website, buy software, or creates on line learning materials has an important role to play in making content and applications available to everyone in the UCSF community. Elements of UCSF's Accessibility Awareness and Training Campaign will be covered. What has worked, what has not been as successful.
Monday, 04:00 PM | Kristian McManus | San Francisco | Porter, Room D249

Herding Bobcats: Student Employee Management at UC Merced
Student Employees are a tremendous asset used by many institutions to provide basic support to clients; however, they can also be a liability if not properly trained and managed. UC Merced's Academic Technology Division will share their strategies for delivering training, management, and services using students as a resource and invite those present to share their experiences as well.
Tuesday, 09:15 AM | Rachel Peters | Merced | Porter, Room D241

Learn how to leverage UC Next to support innovation on your campus
Want to re-think how technology enables your campus? Use UC Next to support collaborative innovation and teamwork on your campus and expand ideas and projects to system as your team is ready to do so. UC Next supports the next generation work environment with an internal social media community for IT staff to share ideas, projects and expertise. The UC NeXt Platform enables passionate and inspired technologists to share and grow their innovative projects and ideas first to their own campus and then as they are ready enable them to open them to system-wide collaborations. IT staff can "like" ideas, offer comments to improve them, and even volunteer their time towards helping grow them. Project Managers can search for specific expertise across the entire UC system. Engineers can engage with projects they have passion in and build their reputation.
Tuesday, 09:15 AM | Charles McIntyre | Santa Cruz | Porter, Room D245

What Does UC IT Leadership Look Like?
In this moderated panel discussion, UC IT leaders will be sharing their experiences in management and operational excellence, including successes and challenges. What styles, resources and techniques do they apply to build strategic visions, execute plans, foster innovation, and lead change at their campuses. This discussion is designed to broaden perspectives and provide an insight into IT leadership.
Tuesday, 10:15 AM | Israel Fletes | Riverside | Porter, Room D245