Health Technology Track

What UCSF Learned from the Experts on Medical Device Security
Many medical devices now contain electronics. If hacked, the consequences could be dire. This presentation will discuss issues and considerations surrounding medical device security that we learned from Kevin Fu when he presented to UCSF. Kevin is one of the foremost experts on medical device security in the world. We will also discuss ways to mitigate the exposure and what other leaders in the industry such as the Mayo Clinic are doing to reduce this risk.
Monday, 09:15 AM | Esther Silver | San Francisco Medical Center | College 8, Room 250

Conquering the Distance: Video Conferencing as a Clinical and Educational Tool for Radiology
Radiology is about imaging for clinical, research and educational purposes. Due to how the audience and facilities are spread out across UCSF and the globe, videoconferencing has become an essential tool for disseminating information and images for clinical and educational purposes across platforms. Our team will demonstrate both the successful collaborations that we have made in Radiology VC and a tool for participants to be able to report issues during conferences with minimal disruption.
Monday, 10:15 AM | Martin Rawlings-Fein | San Francisco | College 8, Room 242

CANCELED: Managing iPads with Apple's Device Enrollment Program
See how UC San Diego Health has enabled remote management and deployment of iPads
Monday, 10:15 AM | Eric Boyd | San Diego Medical Center | College 8, Room 252
Monday, 11:15 AM | Eric Boyd | San Diego Medical Center | College 8, Room 252

**This session spans 2 time slots

Security and Clinical Devices. Oxymoron?
The objective of this proposed session is to discuss the approaches taken at UC Davis Health to securing the hundreds of clinical devices that are in our environment. Topics include network security strategies, holding manufacturers accountable, securing devices that don’t connect to the network, and new FDA guidance.
Monday, 10:15 AM | Monte Ratzlaff | UC Office of the President | College 8, Room 250

UCSF & Cisco Partnership: The Connected Health Interoperability Platform
UC San Francisco’s (UCSF) Center for Digital Health Innovation (CDHI) and Cisco are working together to build a Connected Health Interoperability Platform (CHIP). CHIP connects digital health innovations with dispersed patient data and combine with analytics to improve healthcare. CHIP consists of a health application market place, a data interoperability system spanning EHR’s/devices/apps and API services that enable feature rich, interconnected healthcare application development.
Monday, 11:15 AM | Ed Martin | San Francisco Medical Center | College 8, Room 250

A HIPAA Compliant Hadoop Platform for UC Health Care Liability Data Management System
The UCOP Risk Services, in collaboration with UC Medical Centers, has identified the need for a consolidated reporting system, including data from different sources and vendors, to better manage the organization’s liability program. In support of this, a Liability Data Management System (DMS) was deployed using Hadoop within the Sherlock Cloud environment. In this presentation we will describe how a secure, HIPAA-compliant Hadoop resource was configured to meet the needs of the UC Liability DMS.
Monday, 03:00 PM | Sandeep Chandra | San Diego | College 8, Room 240

Student Health Center breakout session
A place for the student Health IT folks to gather and discuss goings on in student health. Point and Click / Propharm / Orchard / other upcoming changes and cool things.
Monday, 04:00 PM | Frank Dang | Santa Cruz | Porter, Room D250

UC TrialQuest: Bringing 5 UCs Together to Share Clinical Trial Data
UC BRAID would like to showcase UC TrialQuest, a database of IRB-approved clinical trials at 5 UC Health campuses. Researchers and physicians can find trials for patients. Administrators use the tool to eliminate duplicative IRB review or aid in negotiating clinical trial agreements. Synonyms improve searching, whether using drug generic/brand name, or gene notations (e.g., HER2=ERBB2). Built on a lean budget, the tool highlights the power of collaboration to integrate UC campuses.
Monday, 04:00 PM | Nate Buscher | San Francisco | Porter, Room D245

BYOD - Mobile Device Security in Healthcare
Will be a review of the basic challenges around mobile devices as they pertain to patient privacy, secure messaging, HIPAA compliance, etc. Will cover what solutions UC Irvine Health has put in place to try to deal with these challenges.
Tuesday, 09:15 AM | Adam Gold | Irvine Medical Center | College 8, Room 240

Building a Secure Clinical Research Bedside “Appliance” from Common Consumer Technologies
The UCSF Clinical and Translational Science Team developed a secure and efficient tablet-based visit checklist form, for use by nursing and clinical research services to capture rendered services. These devices will be used at 8 sites across campus and will improve accuracy as billing info will be entered in “real time” at the bedside during point of care. Learn how we created this with minimal technical investment, and of the challenges, expected and otherwise, in deploying into the real world.
Tuesday, 10:15 AM | Eric Meeks | San Francisco Medical Center | College 8, Room 240

Deploying Perceptive Mobile Photo Capture at the UCSF Medical Center
Do you have physicians and trainees wandering around with patient photos on their phones and flash drives? Do you need a solution that allows you to route pictures directly and securely to your electronic health record? In 2015 UCSF implemented Lexmark's Perceptive Mobile Photo Capture, which integrates with Epic via the Haiku mobile client and the Perceptive Content server, to provide seamless photo capture and upload from iOS devices. Learn how we did it, and how it's changing patient care.
Tuesday, 11:15 AM | Erik Wieland | San Francisco Medical Center | College 8, Room 252