UCCSC Sponsor Logistics

Thank you for supporting UCCSC! We are thrilled that you will be part of our event, and your involvement ensures the 300+ University of California attendees of UCCSC will remain on top of technology trends, and discover new and better ways to do their work.

Below, you’ll find some vital details and important information regarding UCCSC. Please read this page carefully, and feel free to contact uccsc2016@ucsc.edu with any questions.

UCCSC Event Details

Sunday, July 10th, 5-6pm (Vendor set-up)
Monday, July 11th, 7am to 5pm (First hour for set-up, thereafter for vendor tabling)
Location: UCSC Porter College

Map and directions:http://porter.ucsc.edu/about/directions.html

A detailed agenda with workshops and activities will be published on our website at http://uccsc.ucsc.edu. Please check the site frequently for updated information.

For Your Staff Participants
As we get closer to the conference, we’ll ask sponsors to give us a final list of staff who will be representing your company so we have their name and a nametag for them at the registration desk.

Meals at UCCSC
Coffee, tea, and water will be available throughout the day. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for the members of your team staffing your exhibition space. As a courtesy to our attendees, please do not eat meals while staffing your table.

Presentation/Demo Space
For Gold Sponsors: A podium, microphone, projector, and screen will be provided for your presentation.

Exhibition Space
For Gold and Silver Sponsors: As a sponsor, you receive an exhibition table with a tablecloth and skirt. Exhibit tables are 6’ long and include two to three banquet chairs depending upon sponsorship level. All other displays and materials are the exhibitor’s responsibility.

*Please note: you may not tape, tack, nail or hang anything on the facility’s walls.

Exhibition Loading and Unloading
Load in will begin at 6am on the day of UCCSC, Monday, July 11th. Exhibit spaces must be set up by 7am on Monday, when attendees will begin to arrive and register for the day. Set-up time on Sunday night can be arranged, contact uccsc2016@ucsc.edu to make arrangements.

Detailed parking directions will be added to this site as we get closer to the conference.

Shipping Materials in Advance
If you'’d like to ship any materials advance, you may do so.  Please note that materials should not arrive sooner than Monday June 27th.

Be sure to label all sent materials with the following on the outside of the box: “UCCSC 2016”, your company name, and “Box # of ##”.

Ship materials to:
Carol Jordan - UCCSC
UCSC/1156 High Street
MS: ITS/Comm, Rm 33
Santa Cruz, CA 95064

Sponsor Recongnition
To best recoginze your contribution to the conference and include your companies' information on our web site and other conference materials, please send the following information to uccsc2016@ucsc.edu by May 1st:

  • Logo: Two high-resolution vector image (EPS or AI) that is at least 300 dpi in size.  One in full color and one in all black.
  • URL Link: The URL where would like the logo linked to.
  • Contact information: Provide us with the bio/company description/information you’d like us to include in the sponsor directory. If you have a campus-wide agreement with UC, please let us know so we can include that in the sponsor directory as well