Local Services / Desktop Support / Public Computing Track

Creating a REST API to disseminate student, course and dictionary data for departmental applications
For the past 15 years, UCLA has used a replicated data system to provide data to hundreds of applications across campus via stored procedures, views and other SQL objects. With the creation of a REST API, we are moving away from these point to point solutions. We hope that the use of such an abstraction layer will also assist us in transitioning to a new SIS in the near future. This presentation will review UCLA's API design & implementation and present use cases for data dissemination to apps.
Monday, 09:15 AM | Saheli Datta | Los Angeles | Porter, Room D250

Next Generation Campus Mobile Applications
We will present UC San Diego's next generation mobile application, UCSD Now, which leverages features of the phone to provide information within the context of time and location, such as real time bus shuttle arrivals. The iOS app is developed with Facebook's React Native framework and Amazon Web Services (AWS) technologies. We will review the goals, UI/UX design, and the development process which is more akin to web development than native app development done exclusively within Xcode.
Monday, 10:15 AM | Alex Wu | San Diego | Porter, Room D148

UC Path and Payroll deductions
I will present on the planning and development process for processing payroll deductions from an existing campus system (Filemaker Pro) into UC Path. The general principles could apply to any production environment. The presentation will cover the general concepts and then be open for audience discuss and questions.
Monday, 10:15 AM | John Steele | Santa Cruz | Porter, Room D246

UX is a mindset
User Experience is not just a design process. More broadly, it’s an approach that imbues a project from start to finish. No magic wand, but a set of tools that incorporate a variety of HCI and design disciplines with artifacts that clarify requirements, illuminate pitfalls, and enhance the overall usefulness of a product. Whether your role is front or back-end, your team will benefit from understanding what a UX mindset can do to help your projects meet the human needs that they are built for.
Monday, 10:15 AM | Katie Lee | San Diego | Porter, Room D250

Small Wins: Creating Customer Value by Developing an FMLA Module
In preparation for UCPath, UC Davis Health System implemented HBS ecotime time and attendance system. In partnership with the vendor, the team developed an automated tracking system for Family Medical Leave events. The former method of tracking FML was manual, inconsistent, and not easily auditable. The new module improved the Employee and Labor Relations business processes by automating tasks and reducing the amount of manual work previously required. This session will discuss the project.
Monday, 11:15 AM | Alida Bailey | Davis Medical Center | Porter, Room D246

Make Endpoints Great Again
"Winter is always coming" for a group that is responsible for developing and maintaining the Berkeley Desktop - an ecosystem of hardware standards, software standard images, and endpoint management services. This talk is about the underlying design principles (with examples) of the Berkeley Desktop that guide the delivery of the Berkeley Desktop As A Service to the campus synthesizing specialized services provided by other IT departments in an effort to “Make Endpoints Great Again” together.
Monday, 03:00 PM | Riff Khan | Berkeley | Porter, Room D241

Mac Tech Panel Discussion
Come and share where you are at with Mac Management in Higher Education, participate in this panel discussion, or just “lurk” and see what people like you are doing with Macs at other UC’s. This interactive panel discussion will include a series of “challenges” where your knowledge of the Mac Universe will be rewarded with prestige, honor and some mediocre prize we are able to get donated. Topics will include: •Apples Device Enrollment Program and Volume Purchase Program (DEP and VPP) •The “Casper” suite of Tools and Mobile Device Management (MDM) •Mac OS security enhancements (FileVault 2 and SIP) •The slow demise of the monolithic image
Tuesday, 09:15 AM | Paul Sosbee | Santa Cruz | Porter Dining Hall
Tuesday, 10:15 AM | Paul Sosbee | Santa Cruz | Porter Dining Hall

Additional Presenters:
Alexander (Cosmo) Martinez | Santa Cruz
Scott Black | Apple Higher Education
Brad Caldwell | JAMF Software
Brian Frye | JAMF Software

**This session spans 2 time slots

UC San Diego Onboarding Solution
UCSD has stream lined the onboarding for new hires by leveraging DocuSign. SalesForce, and iDocs. Through this solution we are able to: Standardize business process for Onboarding New Hires Eliminate the need provide hard copy new hire forms (over 60 pages of documents) Centralize document retention Improve compliance to reduce government fines Increase connection with New Hire Increase capacity within departments Reduce the time to productivity for a New Hire
Tuesday, 09:15 AM | Martin Krolik | San Diego | Porter, Room D250

Creation of UCSB’s Interactive and Mobile-Friendly Dining Commons Menu
With most students using mobile devices, the need for a convenient and mobile friendly Dining Commons menu is greater than ever. I will explore all aspects the UCSB’s recently launched interactive Dining Commons menu. It starts with the shortcomings of our vendor app and how we tapped into menu data. I will explain the use of common code frameworks, prototyping, issue tracking, and collaboration with business staff. The app continues to evolve based on usage and suggestions.
Tuesday, 10:15 AM | Gary Scott | Santa Barbara | Porter, Room D248

What is GLAAS? Graduate Lecturer Academic Appointment System
"How to collaborate with business users and implement a flexible, but complex solution". Implement solution that supports the campus business needs by maximizing automation and minimizing resource efforts that supports the overall processes of assignment and appointment for: Lecturers, Teaching Assistants/Associates, Teaching Fellow, Readers, and Graduate Student Researchers that is used by all schools. Promote standard processes, workflows, documents, and go green!
Tuesday, 10:15 AM | Roger Borges | Merced | College 8, Room 252

Evaluating Facilities Work Ticket Management Systems
A presentation and discussion of our evaluation effort to find and implement a Work Ticket Management System for the UCSB Facilities organization. This is not an “IT Help Desk Ticket System”. Rather, a system for managing, tracking and recharging of Facilities work requests such as “Sprinkler overflowing”, “Paint office”, scheduled preventative maintenance, request parts from a Stockroom inventory, etc. I will review our approach, evaluation criteria, and end user scenarios used for evaluation.
Tuesday, 11:15 AM | Gary Fix | Santa Barbara | Porter, Room D148