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Online Presentation Submitted by Richard Trott, UCSF: You are Invited

Links to Presentation Slides:

Accessible Course Material Initiative at UC Berkeley Berkeley
Data Analytics: Proof of Concept with Intellify Berkeley
Designing, Building & Piloting the Academic Innovation Studio Berkeley
Fostering Instructional Innovation with New Spaces & Services Berkeley
From 0 to 60: The Evolution of BigFix at UC Berkeley Berkeley
Make Endpoints Great Again Berkeley
PCSSC (Production Control Shared Service Center) - All for one and one for all - Now That's IT! Berkeley
Putting your customers first: designing a client friendly SLA Berkeley
Simplifying email service delivery at UC Berkeley Berkeley
The ABC's of Digital Pedagogy Berkeley
The IT Architecture Group and You! Berkeley
UC MITI: Integrating ServiceNow across campuses Berkeley
PCI Compliance in the Cloud: A working example Davis
Malware 101: Introduction to ransomware and how to protect your organization against these emerging threats Davis Medical Center
Small Wins: Creating Customer Value by Developing an FMLA Module Davis Medical Center
Building a Collaborative ITSM Community on a Skeptical Foundation Irvine
Gamifying an Online Class in Environmental Health Irvine
Supporting Global Telecollaboration Irvine
Tales from the Octagon: Technology for New Learning Spaces Irvine
The Lifecycle of a Software License Agreement Irvine
Using Scrum and Agile to Manage Large-scale, Novel Projects Irvine
“We’re Moving Your Cheese!”: Communicating IT Change Irvine
From Homebuilt LMS to Canvas: Lessons from the Developer Trenches AND Carrots and Sticks: Transitioning Faculty to a new LMS Irvine and Merced
BYOD - Mobile Device Security in Healthcare Irvine Medical Center
4 improvements to the student computing and printing experience. How cloud based print kiosks have changed student work flow in computer labs and beyond. Los Angeles
AWS, Drupal, and DevOps Los Angeles
Breaking Barriers: How to Unite Your IT Staff & Empower the Non-Technical Community Los Angeles
Creating a REST API to disseminate student, course and dictionary data for departmental applications Los Angeles
Demo of how UCLA’S APP STORE embeds right into our LMS (Moodle) as an LTI tool itself  Los Angeles
Free Interactive Polling for your students Los Angeles
Herding Bobcats: Student Employee Management at UC Merced Merced
What is GLAAS? Graduate Lecturer Academic Appointment System Merced
Security and Clinical Devices. Oxymoron? Office of the President
A little empathy goes a long way: How user research can drive change to application development Office of the President
Continuous migration: eScholarship's old and new tech stacks on AWS Office of the President
Data Sharing Made Easy: The UC Dash Research Data Publication Service Office of the President
How to Build a UC IT Community Online Office of the President
Integrating Web Applications with Shibboleth Office of the President
Internal Cloud vs External Cloud: A Database Perspective Office of the President
Migrating CDL Infrastructure to Amazon Web Services - One Year Later Office of the President
PowerShell a DBA's Best Friend Office of the President
Service Design: A Starter Kit Office of the President
UC EABok - Security Principles and Standards Review Office of the President
What Does UC IT Leadership Look Like? Riverside
Zoom Web-Conferencing @ UCR with Hands on Demonstrations Riverside
A HIPAA Compliant Hadoop Platform for UC Health Care Liability Data Management System San Diego
Next Generation Campus Mobile Applications San Diego
Practical Web Accessibility San Diego
Slack(ing off) @ Work San Diego
Strategic Storytelling San Diego
UC San Diego Onboarding Solution San Diego
UX is a mindset San Diego
Managing iPads with Apple's Device Enrollment Program San Diego Medical Center
Building a UC Drupal 8 Distribution San Francisco
Conquering the Distance: Video Conferencing as a Clinical and Educational Tool for Radiology San Francisco
How to Win at Open Source By Being Fearless First Adopters - from UCSF's Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI) San Francisco
Putting IT Together - APIs, ESB and Beyond San Francisco
Running a Digital Accessibility Awareness Campaign: Lessons Learned San Francisco
Securing data in the cloud San Francisco
Student Registration System Redesign (SIS) San Francisco
UC TrialQuest: Bringing 5 UCs Together to Share Clinical Trial Data San Francisco
Web Development Mini Talks - Web Security - Test for Compliance - Sign up Slack - Mosaico San Francisco
Building a Secure Clinical Research Bedside “Appliance” from Common Consumer Technologies San Francisco Medical Center
Deploying Perceptive Mobile Photo Capture at the UCSF Medical Center San Francisco Medical Center
Lean iT – Miniaturizing Lean: Bringing the concepts and value of Lean down to the small scale San Francisco Medical Center
Leveraging Technology to Build Partnerships San Francisco Medical Center
UCSF & Cisco Partnership: The Connected Health Interoperability Platform San Francisco Medical Center
What UCSF Learned from the Experts on Medical Device Security San Francisco Medical Center
Creation of UCSB’s Interactive and Mobile-Friendly Dining Commons Menu Santa Barbara
Evaluating Facilities Work Ticket Management Systems Santa Barbara
Maintain, Modernize or Migrate? Santa Barbara
Cross-campus Collaboration on Enterprise Content Management Santa Cruz
Enterprise password management for Ops at UCSC Santa Cruz
Learn how to leverage UC Next to support innovation on your campus Santa Cruz
Let's build a Slack bot Santa Cruz
Mac Tech Panel Discussion Santa Cruz
Services, Workflows, and Stacks: UC Web Developer Chat Santa Cruz
Student Health Center breakout session Santa Cruz
The Science DMZ at UCSC Santa Cruz
The UCSC Data Warehouse – A Cookie-Cutter Approach to Data Mart and ETL Development Santa Cruz
Toss Attackers into a Black Hole with Open Source Software Santa Cruz
UC Path and Payroll deductions Santa Cruz
UC Santa Cruz Opencast Matterhorn Roll-out Santa Cruz