Service Delivery Track

The Lifecycle of a Software License Agreement
Every software bulk license has a life cycle. From identifying demand, to contact negotiation, funding, publicity, renewals and eventual sunsetting, there is a finite lifetime for every product. Learn about the activities involved in campuswid and systemwide license agreements and offer suggestions about how the process might be improved.
Monday, 09:15 AM | Bob Hudack | Irvine | Porter, Room D246

From 0 to 60: The Evolution of BigFix at UC Berkeley
BigFix is the backend system managed by Endpoint Engineering (EEI) at UC Berkeley that offers unified inventory, patching, self-service software, anti-virus, and configuration management services for the campus. EEI has been entrusted to provide services to over 10,000+ endpoints by IT management responsible for 200+ department units, resulting in a more standardized fleet of machines across the campus and savings. Join us to hear of UCB’s BigFix journey from pilot to production services.
Monday, 03:00 PM | Clifton Hom | Berkeley | College 8, Room 242

How to Win at Open Source By Being Fearless First Adopters - from UCSF's Clinical & Translational Science Institute (CTSI)
UCSF's CTSI leverages emerging products provided by our partners to deliver innovative solutions at reduced costs. We do not build products—we adopt and adapt. Our history of “we’re #2!” is mutually beneficial, and we are now sought out as a desired partner for software being developed by other institutions in our community. We’ll share lessons learned as early adopters willing to get our hands filthy using Profiles RNS, eagle-I, Harvard Scheduler, and SPARC at extremely early stages.
Monday, 03:00 PM | Brian Turner | San Francisco | Porter, Room D245

Lean iT – Miniaturizing Lean: Bringing the concepts and value of Lean down to the small scale
Do you have an inefficient process causing dissatisfaction? Lean could be your answer! But your troubled process is small and not worthy of a full Lean team. Lean iT is here to solve that issue. We have taken the framework and concepts of Lean and successfully applied them on a small scale. Waste is everywhere and there is always room for improvement. Lean iT will take an input and walk the user through a mini Lean session, helping the user to identify waste and map value to activities.
Monday, 04:00 PM | Winnie Wat | San Francisco | College 8, Room 250

Additional Presenters:
Emily Davis | San Francisco Medical Center
Christian Sisenstein | San Francisco Medical Center

UC MITI: Integrating ServiceNow across campuses
Learn about how the ServiceNow teams from UC Berkeley and UC Office of the President partnered to develop a custom integration to facilitate collaboration across campuses. Hear how we managed both the logistics of this inter-campus effort as well as technical details of the implementation. We'll also share the code for the integration if you'd like to get your hands on it.
Tuesday, 09:15 AM | Scott Hall | Berkeley | College 8, Room 252

Putting your customers first: designing a client friendly SLA
From a Service Management (SM) standpoint, client experience is paramount but many of the ITIL tools and concept may seem alienating to a client who just wants to know who can help them and what to expect. Using a recent SLA project as an example of how to present client centric/friendly SM experience while tying into the broader unit SM strategy. Then opening up discussion with audience to further discuss successes and challenges in developing client friendly SM experiences.
Tuesday, 10:15 AM | Joleen Locanas | Berkeley | Porter, Room D241

Service Design: A Starter Kit
UCOP shares our repeatable service design model which was used for the UCPath implementation. We started from scratch and you don't have to!
Tuesday, 11:15 AM | Wendy Rager | UC Office of the President | Porter, Room D249